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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where blog hosts allow other bloggers to publish blogs on their blog. Ruth Ann Minner will allow only cabinet secretary members to publish blogs on her blog site.

Decide on the best strategy of obtaining the best Published bloggers on your site

Suggested Strategies

  1. Allow Cabinet Secretary’s to publish their own blogs, monitoring and reply to comments with little or no¬† input from the host
  2. Allow Cabinet Secretary’s to contribute content only for their published blogs with monitoring by the host blogger to determine what is posted.
  3. Review Cabinet Secretary’s Blogs and only publish at Minner’s discretion, but without any comments from other blogs authorized.
  4. Cabinet Secretary’s email the Minner IT their posts and she publishes them herself giving credit to the writer.

Logistics for preparing for and hosting GUEST BLOGGERS

  1. Setting up a user profile and access point to her blog
  2. Set the blogging topic limits and restrictions, if any.
  3. Develop a logistical guide to blogging on your blog, featuring information on how to use your blog, set the byline, profile information, use design elements like headings and block quotes, and other blog posting instructions.
  4. Set the ground rules (responding to comments, handling comment spam (splogs) copyright protections and violations, etc.).
  5. Provide support
  6. Monitor closely

I didn’t make this stuff up

Please see “Other blogs” for great examples.

Governor Jennifer Granholm
Tom McClintock

One more thought about Guest Blogging:

All blog sites that allow guest bloggers should have DISCLAIMERS for the following purposes:
  • Acknowled that Ruth Ann Minner is not the only writer on the blog writers representing Ruth Minner
  • Acknowldge that the opinons expressed by others does not necessary express the views of Ruth
  • Acknowledge that Ruth Ann Minner and her IT team have the right to refuse any guest bloggers