Problem: Ruth Ann Minner is opening up her blog site to comments; however, to date the guest traffic on the site has been minimal. How can we influence Delaware constituents to frequent and contribute to the Governors blog?

The general purpose of a blog is to give the author a forum to share information of their choosing. A blog can represent the personality of the author, the interests or viewpoints. More specific blogs, i.e. the professional blog of a governor, will present information about their mission, ideals and plans for the future.

The purpose of Governor Minner’s blog is to reach a wider, technically savvy audience with behind-the scenes information on up to date events, news conferences, the Legislature to connect with her constituents in an innovative.

Mission: Our IT team will utilize contemporary technology to enhance social and technical interaction to transform the blog into a forum for conversation about the impact and opinions on the important issues facing Delaware, as well as provide an outlet for updates on the Legislature.


• Enhance social and technical interaction on the website through effective technical marketing practices

• Revamp the physical framework of the blog

• Establish a baseline for “hits” on her blog measured by magnetism of the new features in order to, overtime; evaluate the popularity of her blog

• Make the blog conversational (to enhance return)

• Develop a guest blogging community

Additional Details: Before we begin the presentation of our proposal we would like to touch on the issue of staff support.  The blog will be controlled by the Deputy Director of Communications.  This person will work together with a Constituent Relations Liaison, and an Information Technology specialist.  We recognize the enormous opportunity cost if our recommendations were solely implemented by these staff members in terms of the other work that would not be done. We will therefore enlist the help of a University of Delaware Graduate Student in the IPA department of the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy.


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