Sexin’ it up: How to make an appealing blog!

Getting people to a blog can be difficult enough, but getting them to stay and explore the space can pose a real challenge. First impressions are paramount in the World Wide Web so we better make sure ours is good one! To boost the appeal of Governor Minner’s blog we suggested a few simple yet effective additions that could be made:

  • Making the blog Multi-lingual

With an increasingly diverse community in Delaware an addition of this kind would not only create an inclusive and welcoming blogging atmosphere, but also portray Governor Minner in a culturally sensitive light. Using the WordPress Global Translator Plugin gives us the opportunity to connect with potential bloggers throughout Delaware, free of charge!

  • Creating a Launch Pad for Delaware News

There are established mediums for Delaware News, politics, and current events through online newspapers and political blogs; reinforcing that web community by providing links from Governor Minner’s blog would create a forum for both objective and opinionated news sources while giving users a reason to explore her space.

  • People love pictures

The current archival system used for organizing pictures could use major improvements and the thumbnail style used to display them on the blog is very unattractive. Flickr, one of the most popular photo sharing sites, can easily solve this problem! With attractive photo album-like qualities and the ability to still embed all the photos into the site, we can’t go wrong.

Example Blogs:

Governor of California- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor of Minnesota- Tim Pawlenty

Journal of Intercultural Learning


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