Web Goodies to get people to your site


A widget is html code that can be used to imbed something live onto one’s website.

People add widgets to their blog; you can also use a widget to advertise your blog.

Rock the Vote widget

I Love Mountains

Obama Widget

Software packaging

Free – WordPress, Livejournal, Blogger

Proprietary – EllisLab, Semiologic

User-hosted – Governor Minner’s blog, Markell for Governor blog, Gregoire for Governor blo

In this case, the governor has the state’s web team that can program and imbed whatever they want in whatever system they want, so we’re going with a developer or user-hosted approach.

Using the Right Keyword

Make sure that you use your keywords in your blog URL and title of post, and that additional keywords are contained in the body, as tags, and in links.

XML sitemaps

XML creates a structured language so that your blog can be understood by other search enginges and websites. Blogs can create XML sitemaps with free software such as Google Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress (not just for Google), GSite Crawler, and XML-Sitemaps.com

Submit your Blog to directories

Submitting your blog to directories can help publicize it. Besides submitting it to Yahoo, Dmoz, etc, there are many other directors to submit to.

Click here or here to check some out! You can also submit your blog entries as individual articles onto article directories. Here is some information on that!

The more places your blog is, the more publicized it will be! Have links to your blogs on other websites, comment on other blogs with links to your blog, and be sure to tell all your friends! Having the capability for users to sign up for e-mail updates to your blog is a great service to include.


Pinging is when you let servers know your blog has been updated.

Because it would be very cumbersome to popularize your website by pinging individual servers, there are websites and software that aggregates the ping service.

There are software services that cost money like Blogblaster, as well free services like Ping-O-Matic.

These tools will help you get people to use your site!


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